Reading The Akashic Records

If so, there are only 2 days left to take advantage of a little new year’s special i’m offering:. This will give you valuable guidance in moving through the patterns prevalent in your current life.   i also offer some suggestions for possible questions. When you learn to access your clients akashic records you are able tap the source cause of their present problem. Learning to do this will over time allow you to engage with none physical aspects of reality and ourselves. • multiple techniques for gaining access to the akasha. When you work in your own records and assign words to what is occurring -- whether through thought, writing, or speech -- you are facilitating the same flow of energy and information. However, a huge amount of information is freely available. What’s a psychic vs.

Read Akashic Records
Read Akashic Records

So of course i highly recommend tara, she is the "real deal". By connecting with your personal akash we allow your total being to heal in a more whole and profound way. They say if you disturb akasha, human beings will not live peacefully. Also, your simply color book quickly became my favorite feng shui manual. It is promulgated in the samkhya philosophy that the akashic records are automatically recorded in the atoms of akasha (“air” or “aether”), one of the five types of atoms visualized as existing in the atomic theory of ancient india.

Read Akashic Records
Read Akashic Records

Yogis also believe that these. We are the akashic team and we are here to support you on your path.   in the records, you can learn about your relationships, your health, your soul path, and every other conceivable topic regarding you. Distance between the sublime sometimes, and sometimes the. How to read the akashic records, you can learn to connect with this divine source for infinite joy, inner peace, and fulfillment.

Read Akashic Records
Read Akashic Records

Get the skateboard only when you love skateboarding; in order to access the akashic records, choose the approach that feels comfortable and efficient for you. Another benefit to accessing these records is that we can become aware of our personal guides.   this reading is recorded and made available to you as a downloadable mp3 recording so you can listen to it again. Soul family to which we were born. As a means of perhaps alluding to the fact that the akashic records were not simply a transcriptionof the past but included the present, the future, and certain probabilities as well, in reading 304-5,cayce began the reading with a curious statement. Which is more often the case - projectors must use their intuition. On a soul level, we choose each life circumstance as a means of challenging ourselves with new situations and opportunities for learning.   i’ve always had a hard time seeing past the light within a person, tending to see them for who they could be, and there is a reason for that. We all have the ability to see, often with laser accuracy, what another person's struggles are, the patterns that create those struggles, and the kind of movement or shifts needed to access their divinity and support creating what it is they desire.   the course is being held at worship street, london ec2 from 10.

Read Akashic Records
Read Akashic Records

And it was interesting to discover, how simple *that* was, too. The akashic records are the imprints of every thought, action, emotion and experience that has ever taken place in time and space in the universe. It is believed that in the ancient days, all the great sages, priests and philosophers trained their mind to such an extent where they could easily access the records, whenever and wherever required. Vibration attunement is based on the theory that every human emotion, deed, thought and event requires energy in order to be produced. Including the cosmic mind, the universal mind, the collective unconscious,.

Read Akashic Records
Read Akashic Records

I commented that the pier was made of an odd material when bruce, whose eyes were also closed, remarked that it looked strange to him too, like bamboo or something. Akashic reading can shift dysfunctional beliefs and create healing in the emotional and mental fields as well as the physical body. I am confident enough in my abilities to know that though i am  just the messenger, i am a clear channel. Regarding the message of "keeping my flame alive and to surrender to what makes me the happiest no. It was nauseatingly confusing, not. We also journey directly through dimensions via our senses and our soul to visit the records. Did you know it is completely possible for you to. The music in this spiritual amphitheatre is beautiful beyond compare because it is experienced directly.

Read Akashic Records
Read Akashic Records

This vibrational record exists everywhere in its wholeness, and is completely available in all places. There is no refund for this reading. With two sessions on the phone, i came away with a much clearer picture, and a finer-tuned way of thinking so that i could make much more sense of my work and my personal life. Kristin engvig, founder & director of w. When new clients call to schedule psychic angel readings with me, they sometimes ask me to describe what i do in my readings and also what is meant by the akashic records. These are stories of your soul’s quest to know its own essential goodness. Fortunately for us, we are now allowed to experience the wisdom of the halls. Week 4- your energy system, part 1- this is where spirit does their work on you and your clients. Akashic records with a sacred prayer, we align ourselves to the vibration of the one receiving the consultation (either ourselves or another). Anyone can learn to read the akashic records and connect directly with their energy and information.

It’s been a long haul for you hasn’t it my friend. First of all i will tune into your vibration to get a sense of where you are now. For 'excellent service', to rate my answer, so i may receive credit for my help. It helps if i know. We can correct these moments in time, to where these negative events don’t exist at all or we can create issues for a person in the past, in a moment in time, that can effect their current everyday life.

Akashic records | are you ready to change your life. Ec: yes, we have the entity [378], and the experiences in.   i felt as though you and i both had an amazing connection with the spirit world. Instead i promise to hold space for you to discover your truth and let go of whatever no longer serves the best of who you are and can become. So, i check for energy flow, constantly ask the clients’ masters, teachers and loved ones*** for useful and validatable information and encourage all clients to focus and prepare at least some questions before they have a reading. I’d lost most of my friends, as well. And she spoke for the first time in all of these traveling dreams. Defining my personality, strengthening it and making me feel closer to.

It stores who you are at soul level, what divine gifts you have, your life lessons and how this can be expressed in the physical. Instead of words, sentences, and paragraphs,. There are many layers of healing and we will go as deep and as far as you are ready to go. The akashic records space is peaceful, eye-opening, and above all, safe. -- the pathway prayer process-a "password" for admittance into the records. Always leaving you to make your own decisions, yet giving you a wider and more expansive perspective. After the israelites had committed a most grievous sin by worshiping the golden calf, it was moses who pleaded on their behalf, even offering to take full responsibility and have his own name stricken "out of thy book which thou hast written" in recompense for their deed.

Thank you very much michelle for my lovely reading the information was very fascinating and in depth. Linking the image itself, without text, is also acceptable. In here author explains the akasha as being like a library, where the levels (or floors) of that library in the universe are dimensions. They don’t even seem to care about money or material things as much as a soulful life. Time for all truth to be presented. Teri’s style of explanation is simple, but never simplistic, engaging and often very funny. Heart spring offers akashic record readings to the residents of geneva, new york but also to the surrounding towns as well. Make time for the consultation which will be your choice of 30 or 60 minutes.

The akashic records comprehensive reading allowed me to better. They have to parse through all of these timelines, and try to find the one that you’re headed for right now. The reading is conversational in nature. Below are posts and articles i have written to help you understand the records with greater depth. You’ll ask your qs and i’ll tell you what concrete images and feelings are seeping into my mind.

Repositories of knowledge within the greater akashic light-brary. Don’t doubt in them and simply observe everything that comes up. An akashic records reading can be a wonderful and enlightening experience. As a consultant/instructor, i open myself to the information available from your records and allow myself to look and to say that which comes directly to me. Ringing in my ears, a tightness in my chest, dark thoughts and even nightmares.

So the integration simultaneously moves outward, from the individual to the whole physical plane, and upward, through the astral and causal planes to the akashic plane. The records are said to hold:. It is one of the most powerful tools available on the planet today to help us re-member our oneness with god/spirit/source. I want to say thank you because i know that it is through working with you and my records that this shift is beginning to unfold. Some people look at the records as a computer with all your info stored in the hard drive.

What should i do about my current financial situation. Commonly used in hinduism, jainism, buddhism, sikhism, and taoism; it is synonymous with "what goes around comes around" and "one reaps what one sows" in western culture. Sturdy wooden ladder with big steps that you climb to get about thirty feet above the floor in order to reach the. Is required prior to the reading. The reading are not meant to predict the future, because i firmly believe in free will and.

The famous seer edgar cayce reportedly referred to akashic records when he conducted healing readings for sick people. In mankind, sexually, men were inferior they did not have the power of endurance. "this is going to be my unlucky month.   in hindu mysticism akasha is thought to be the primary principle of nature from which the other four natural principles of fire, air, earth, and water, are created. Even as a child growing up in florida, jaci was acutely aware of her gifts of knowing, feeling, hearing and seeing. Every subsequent reading cannot exceed three questions.   the akashic mind penetrates everything in every part of our daily lives, and thus the symbolic messages we receive are simple, every day, and quite obvious. If you’ve nodded your head yes to any of these things….

You can even ask about your contracts with your animal companions. [previous incarnations of the spirit which manifested as jesus] and their co-labourers. In other words, the ‘fact’ that people can and do access the akashic records is serious evidence all on it’s own that we are living in an artificial reality. Examine your soul and ancestral lineage and learn why you may have chose your family of origin. The "akashic records" serve to powerfully.   upon the first levels there are vague, horrible shapes, grotesque forms such as one sees in nightmares. Moves through the mazzaroth (zodiac), and enters under the command of the.

Reading Akashic Records

Some of you might ask when it is appropriate to learn the akashic records.  an email reading is affordable and worth every penny. Move into a comfortable position where you are sitting erect and awake.   from the beginning of all things it has existed. Result of my indiscretion as a dove-keeper, and another life where he was my. This technique involves a self induced trance state with a guided meditation to go to the akasha. Hang this picture on a wall in your room, or as per. Naturally, she recognized him as a star, too. So i know you were really tuning in on me. Having such a recording is very useful.

Can you refund the money if i change my mind. Akashic records readings are available over the phone as well as skype. Well, i already met him.  infinite power and wisdom are available in the records, and they have been entrusted to those who are well prepared for the responsibility of deep knowing. We have to pick out a single. Others – only with their given permission. We giggled, and the reading gave good insights. You may have already done the mental and logical thought process, but you might still be questioning your decision.

Would you like to be a guide. This very real and practical knowledge opens your heart to your deepest nature and purpose. There was such a bond between one's name and one's.  i will continue to open your akashic records by using your full birth name and connecting with archangel metatron, keeper of the akashic records. By simply being in the records you will experience a shift; there may be a complete healing, a partial healing, or you may experience more grace in relationship to your issues.  these same beliefs were already available in the shatapatha brahmana written by yajnavalkya in the 9th-8th century bce, and again concluded by pythagoras in 540 bce. Diantha has trained for three years with linda howe, the lead teacher in the usa for akashic records reading. Carol’s reaction was that she was shocked and amazed.

You can find readers that will predict everything you ask about, but that’s not my style. You should find yourself there shortly. Here’s what some clients have said about their akashic records readings:. Your reading may last up to 1 hour and is given monday - friday 10am-2pm est over the phone - unless you are local and prefer an in-person reading, special scheduling may be arranged. ​it’s one thing to know what past negative choices continue to create negative consequences in our lives today, but when we have conscious understanding of these choices then we can also energetically clear their consequences within the akashic records. You can change your future by accessing the information in the “records” and gaining the wisdom of a bigger picture of any situation. A written prayer homework will be emailed to you after the call. Each soul has its own akashic records, like a series of books with each book representing one lifetime. Do not try to take advantage of my goodwill… do not cheat and be grateful with this reading.

What she sees horrifies her. The relationship report mona did for me was on my husband and i.   it was inexpressibly helpful to be told both my angels' names and their purpose in my life. It is believed than anyone can access the akashic records, but many individuals choose to go to a psychic or akashic reader in order to get some information that could help them out. There will be music, desserts, and an opportunity to shop for gifts and bid in a fabulous auction for various holistic services, including an akashic record reading by yours truly.

Akashic Records Reading Questions

Cylindrical building that looks like it was made by hand with stones that are. Comes to know past events in their eternal. This spiritual engine (the akashic records) also records everything using the energy of emotion. The energy that makes up the akashic records is the energy of love. How does an intuitive business reading work. Currently affecting you and preventing you from expressing who you really are and achieving what you want in life. To your remembrance all things from the foundations of. ★ live a more authentic and purposeful life. Structured our languages to communicate a very limited understanding of the. If you are interested in an akashic records reading please.

The best types of questions to ask in your akashic records reading are questions that start with. What may i know about a recent upset regarding ___. Evelyn takes such great time and care to discuss everything with you and answer any questions you may have. Let the answers come to you without forcing them. The akashic records or the book of life have been referenced in many spiritual traditions. It is possible that just as humans keep records on lesser creatures (animals, insects, microbes, etc. Her akashic masters, teachers, and loved ones knew her—they got her—and best of all, they were always with her.

” — paramahamsa tewari, engineer, physicist, and inventor, “spiritual foundations,” www. This can be done long distance. Up to this point, our own condition, any pattern of addiction or codependency, emotional, mental, physical or spiritual suffering can be traced by the akashic records. If you have a decision to make.    once i hear your story, i will intuitively recognize what your soul needs, and i will be able to nudge you in the right direction.

The practitioner uses a special pathway prayer to gain entry into the records. “nothing matters to me other than the disillusion of illusions”. However, now that you have read this guide to akashic records life path readings, six common questions, and their answers, you should have some idea if this one is right for you as well as how to handle the experience.  instead, the records had long been the domain of a very select group who would interact with the akasha on their own behalf or on behalf of their communities. Pamela teaches sound healing and angelic healing practitioner, and psychic development trainings, offers angel readings & connect to your guides sessions and a spiritual life coaching program. ’  the librarian told me of my three closest guides, one of which i had never heard of. In other words, your willingness to be open and clear determines to a large extent what happens during the session and the guidance spirit brings forth.

Rates for akashic records readings. You will receive instructions on how to do this as part of the reading. Akashic records readings within your akashic records. I would feel very comfortable in referring clients wit virginia for akashic record readings. Again, one great argument for its existence is the fact that it is an ancient concept, and occult (occult means the quest for truth, unfortunately this word carries a negative connotation) authors have been writing about for years. Healing and clearing that takes place directly at the source of an issue identified through the akashic records is sure to have a profound effect on your life that you will not achieve through any other method of healing.

  respected scientist ervin laszlo also referred to them as the a-field in his book,. I am told that what is coming through is medieval mindset, not modern. Understand your personal life and its dynamics in an energy and spiritual sense. Once this connection is made, information concerning that individual is available. The most exciting part of akashic records reading is that you can ask any questions from the mundane to the deeper and more spiritual in nature.

Reading The Akashic Records

Charismatic speech and exhorting an enormous crowd of people in an. The following was giving to me when i asked in my own records:. I usually get pretty specific past life information for at least 2 lifetimes. The records are protected by inner beings who. Find answers in an akashic records reading.

For example, the thirty-three gods were already a fixture in ancient indian lore. As it never feels itself separate from the whole, the part continues to be the part of the whole. Current life issues or concerns, i. The akashic records are the individual records of a soul from the time it leaves its point of origin until its return.  the akashic record energy is an expanding, living, breathing field. I am just as shocked at the accuracy of the information as the clients are, truly amazed. One of the strengths of this course is this: it’s a system that works. Communicate with both my spiritual support team and my higher self. In essence, humanity is writing a whole new page in history by ascending out of the depths of hell through ascending within their own bodies and raising their consciousness.

A reading can warn us about tendencies, patterns, ways of thinking and being that are creating circumstances we dislike. ";s:22:"anxiety - panic - fear";s:605:"can have multiple causes. Love, ali p – vista, ca. I have never experienced anything so magical and on-point. The information would be so vast and overwhelming that deciphering it would be nearly impossible and could do more harm than good. Believe completely that you can learn how to read the akashic records with your own natural abilities. An akashic records reading is very different – it’s an energetic event. An akashic records reading is neither predictive or psychic, since we all have free will and choice at any moment.

More than one question, if they. —leslie martin, mba, financial analyst, albuquerque, nm. It is known in the bible as “the book of life”. This is an online class. Or how to access the records. The process is relaxing and energizing at the same time. I remember during my first conscious journey in the akashic records i was looking for answers to some relationship issues. In early egypt it was thoth who served as scribe and recorded into the record. You can pick up the information once your antenna is up and your akashic channel is located. During the reading, so please make sure you ask whatever you need to know while the reading is happening.

She is the founding editor of wild woman rising online magazine and co-creator of byexample. A few words from tracey… one of  my greatest joys is witnessing and holding the space for healing and transformation to occur. This use of words struck me so deep that i was moved to tears. ·         receive information on past lives. This publication explains the universal concept of resistance and allowing which is all about energetic frequency and applies directly to akashic record. What is an akashic records reading. Seeing the love in his eyes changed her whole life—for her next incarnations also. The more scattered & cluttered our mind gets, the more we do not hear our soul speak, the voice within that is our” “inner guru”.

How To Read Akashic Records

One is a small dead-end nineteenth century shaft behind the head. In the energy of the records is the truth of the oneness and as i continue to move with the akasha i anchor myself more and more in that knowing. Explore the essential consciousness concepts of the records, excavate the obstructing beliefs on your path, and learn how to realign to your soul’s highest purposes.  with returning clients or special situations, it is also possible to do a very focused reading in 30 minutes. One day in mediation i was shown the records on the quantum field and my guides asked me to put a class together to show others how to easily access their records, not on the lower planes but on the quantum field. After our talk my son called me to say that they had to change the date as they were no longer having their wedding at his fiance's grandparents home. I have a number of different oracle decks, including the traditional tarot deck, the runes,  and the shamanic medicine cards, among others. He concludes in his ebook by referring to this infinite consciousness as god. Psychics are not that different from akashic records readers in the sense that both are interested in the soul. The akashic records can be thought of as an energetic database that holds every piece of information about everything ever known or that will be known.

Vicky sweetlove fssa feng shui society accredited consultant. Do i have to access the akashic records in a secret way. I would also sometimes feel tired after some sessions with clients. Thank you again for this beautiful experience. -- what is my responsibility to my ancestors. "patricia's course gave me the practice to become confident reading the records for my own business. Genuine curiosity about the nature of an akashic records reading. He offers an alternate theory: that big bang is only one of many phenomena, springing from a meta-universe, or metaverse which has always existed and will continue to exist. How i see it, if your life today was a book, the akashic records would be the spaces in between the words, making everything you’re experiencing and doing actually make sense. There are newly discovered properties of time and space happening all the time but it seems clear now that this vacuum is a super dense cosmic frictionless medium that carries light and all the universal forces of nature.

So, akashic records aren’t a book from the afterlife, but rather a distinct flow of divinity and its knowledge that is translated into the precise moment. Your message just reinforced and confirmed that for me. You again pause to note the detail. This activation frees you of any fears associated with operating in the fourth dimension, and clears emotions and belief systems which may hold back your progress. To see myself through the eyes of the lords of the records,. When i 'awoke' i was tired, energized, dumbfounded, wise and present all at the same time. “i had my first akashic record reading with andy and was blown away. It seems that the akashic records and mentoring are what i came here to do since i love supporting others in their spiritual life. Drawing from more than 15 years' experience with the akashic records, howe teaches us:.

You receive unlimited support* as you work through the course. During an akashic records consultation, i open your records and connect with your spirit guides and channel their messages and answers back to you. “free akashic records reading” topic. To have an akashic records reading, you must be over 18 years of age. Jones show you ancient indian spiritual secrets to reading akashic records read akashic records. In theosophy and other new age-related faiths, the akashic records are records of all knowledge, including all human experience down to the finest detail, held in the universe. Despite claims that the akashic records have been used by mystics throughout history, the term itself, along with the concept of an aetheric library, originated with the 19th century movement of theosophy.

Thank you so much for being "on my path" in this lifetime. “the session was brilliant, and i really appreciate it. How and what was it designed to express.    schema:description "an opening meditation : the pillar of light -- how to read the akashic records -- an introduction to the akashic records -- what are the akashic records.

Akashic Records Reading Chicago

  as i pass on, there is more light and movement in what appear to be normal cities and towns. We uncovered the soul-level reason for the chest pains, and i haven’t experienced them since. All persons listed on this page are arci certified consultants and/or teachers. But because we don't know how that knowledge go into there in the first place, you cant really know if that information is credible to any extent. Because quantum physics has been showing that human thoughts,. The first reference in scripture to some unearthly volume is found in exodus 32:32.

—cheyenne, santa fe, new mexico. The reader gives this information through the inherent love that permeates the records and with as little interpretation as possible so that the message remains true. This practice allows you to access knowledge your soul has gathered through all its lifetimes and to receive loving support and profound clarity aligned with your deepest truth. He gave two days' notice of the intended visit, but no leaf for the visit could be discovered, arguing for the genuineness of the astrologers, since no fee was requested. We take up with souls from where we left off, only in present time we may not know why we’re have a particular interaction, as was the case with anna and her sister. Is there anything in closing, that you would like me to know. If this is so, it is a source of great hope.

“nothing disturbs a bishop quite so much as the presence of a saint in the parish. Remember, your soul does not die. Learn to read yours and others akashic records at your own pace in the comfort of your home. Adopted four children in this lifetime but had no biological children of his own. How will you approach your responsibilities. Upon the wheels of time, the wings of time, or in whatever. One of the ways to access this profound source is through a sacred prayer.

 trillions of books on every subject that you could imagine. Soul that you want to be read for. Schedule an akashic records reading in my chicago far north office, or request an akashic reading by phone. An akashic record reading gives you a glimpse behind the veil to remind you of what your soul knows only too well:. At this stage you will also be familiar with the techniques in the remaining chapters of the tarot and the magus, and have studied the spirits of liber 231. The comfort or inconvenience of your current life, is the result of the surplus of either good or bad karma from your past lives. I use it whenever i go to stay in a hotel or anywhere where the energy isn’t particularly nice.

I am a medium who is also a healthy skeptic. This can be done via phone/skype or email if that is easier. This information will be sure to help you understand your needs, habits, love, career and true nature in order to live authentically for your unique self. Mechanicum, the forge master zeth attempts to construct an "akashic reader," using a set of psykers to access the akashic record in the warp. What the records are, what it means to access them, and what benefits can be manifested from the knowledge obtained there. I look forward to our next reading together. Be the first to review “akashic soul reading”. And who will live is recorded. Each soul has its own akashic record, and there are collective records of all souls or all journeys. What your blocks and restrictions are to leading a more abundant life.

 those i have worked with so far have had incredibly moving experiences, which have unearthed important pieces of information, renewed their subtle energy, and provided a deep sense of peace and contentment.

How To Read Akashic Records Pdf

Dalai lama and the akashic records. Requesting permission to enter your records. People in so many different ways. Move toward and through this picture and you will usually find. Which will happen automatically if you stare at it. Receptive to receiving the impressions of specific types of thought forms, just. And we’d all love to have a handbook to guide us through the pitfalls and challenges, and learn to embrace our place in it all. I can’t even tell you where they’re kept. The information in written readings also tends to be more detailed and in-depth, because i spend more time with the reading.

The gifted reader, once given your permission, can go to the “hall of records” in the akashic realm and retrieve your personal soul records. I wanted to know everything about myself in one trip. One intuitive reading + coaching – 80 minutes total, $200. Third, the “i don’t know” syndrome, when a person you are dating constantly says “i don’t know” when you ask what your relationship is, or what they want in the future. From the beginning of your existence. Once we are linked into this intelligence, it is possible to receive guidance; healing and much more from those lorraine lovingly refers to as our masters, teachers and guides.

The information supports you in living your life from your authentic essence. Allow yourself to relax, release, let go, be open and allow yourself to focus on your mind’s eye. A fascinating subject clearly presented and explained. The concept can be traced back, ultimately, to material from the. Tube-type entrance structure, hold the intention of finding the akashic records firmly in mind as you are shooting up the tube.  it was vedic spirituality which first revealed the existence of the akashic records to humanity. “which we must regard as the stuff of which gods are made; for just as all mortal creatures inhale the . D ownload complete guide of read akashic records for advanced/beginner ebook and pdf best price. Describe exactly what happened as far as you can remember.

There’s also the pearl district for high art and post-modern offices, and nw 23rd and lake oswego for the wealth “in-crowd” types.  ~ experiencing great difficulties in your relationships with others. For this reading, select the hour session for $250 using the paypal button below. Below are pricing options for a variety of akashic sessions. For centuries, the akashic records were the exclusive domain of mystics, saints, and scholars--and rightly so. You experience a positive shift in your consciousness and energy vibration. Find out if the universe is telling you to say “yes.

The relationship reading can be done blindly. A week later, the process continues to unfold and produce valuable insights into my questions. Some examples of questions are:. In theosophy and anthroposophy, the akashic records (from akasha, the sanskrit word for 'sky' 'space' or 'æther') are a compendium of mystical knowledge encoded in a non-physical plane of existence known as the astral plane. When we are dealing with the subtle, higher and very real dimensional dynamics of the akashic records we learn to navigate more clearly by releasing conflict on all levels and paying attention to details. “the buddha, the godhead, resides quite as comfortably in the circuits of a digital computer or the gears of a cycle transmission as he does at the top of the mountain, or in the petals of a flower. Do allow a full hour (no more than 1.

Akashic Records Reading Free

Some of you may have accessed the records and been able to see your book, only to discover that you are not ready yet to see what is held within the books pages. It's important to know that the success of your reading is based 100% on your questions.  while some people use prayers to access the records, others gain access through hypnosis. Source, or the mind of the universe). We’ve been granted free will and that free will allows us to choose how we will respond to people and situations; and those responses begin to build our possible futures. Time and time again, students tell me in their first coaching session that they feel they have done this work before and are now consciously remembering it for the first time in this lifetime.   your personal information is kept strictly confidential and will not be passed on or sold to anyone. It contains all the imprints of the past, present and future possibilities. We can look at why you have addictive patterns, why you choose the relationships you have and how the akashic records reading can give you the freedom to choose “grace” to be at one with the life you live today and be in the now. For insights into this questions please listen to my podcast episode.

You may interpret this place according to your own understanding as the “mind stuff” molds to your own individual perceptions. It reads like a fairytale. Lisa barnett is a powerful writer as well as, in my humble opinion, a pure catalyst to the masters of the records. It is not necessary to have your question perfect but better to have as clear an understanding about the guidance you are seeking. I use a simple, yet powerful process to access your akashic record in which i stay fully present. For a basic soul realignment™,  this will include your soul profile and any blocks and restrictions in your record that are negatively impacting your present time goals and soul’s intent. Transform your journey by discovering your soul’s path. It should be noted that anyone can use the akashic records reading free. The akashic records are collectively understood to be a collection of mystical knowledge that is encoded in the aether; i. I feel more at peace with who i am at a deeper soul level.

When one has a clear mind and no anticipation for events which are to unroll, walking blindly forward down an unfamiliar path, that person is open to influence that someone who is “set in their ways” would otherwise not experience. Please note the following terms:. Most people are unable to get in touch with their own akashic record so they do end up having a reader come in and help them. In the later years of his career carl jung wrote that the collective consciousness was the source of the connection between all human beings, it is of a collective, universal and impersonal nature which is identical in all individuals. Akashic records level 1 training is available as a.  it was such a small event that had taken place when i was about eight years old, but it was still recorded. Primary life lesson for this lifetime – this is often interesting and validating because you choose experiences which allow you to learn this primary life lesson, so you can find out why you choose the experiences you do and how they fit into your soul’s path.

You can learn about everything that has. Why is an akashic record reading based on my questions. Thank you for the healing work you do. Really got me moving forward on my spiritual journey and also encouraged me to learn how to read the akashic records for others. The feelings of gratitude and thankfulness are universal. Unfoldment of my next step to the beyond of it all. As you are talking, i’ll be receiving information from your masters, teachers (including your spirit guides), and loved ones directly from your akashic record. It is easy to understand why the akasha is often referred to as "records. My mission is to help people with big dreams get clear about what they want and to discover the most direct path to making them a reality.

The idea is that by experiencing them again, you can get directly to the source of problems you are currently having and achieve an emotional resolution by understanding the source where it first occurred more fully. The field of cosmic consciousness they experience is a cosmic emptiness – a void. It matters more what your intention is when you select and open a book.

Akashic Record Reading

But when you combine it with the magical forces and information of the akashic records, your readings will be truly revolutionary, and your life will be forever changed. This information can be very specific or more general in nature. The amount of information now. Akashic records reader for the last 7 years i know that people are more interested in an. If it is your soul’s path in this lifetime to connect in some way to your akashic records, then those two words – “akashic records” contain energetic encoding that resonates with you. Whatever or whomever was allowing me to read the akashic records was also explaining things to me at the same time. The particular personal data of a soul from the time it leaves its stage of.

We live blissfully and we are one with all that is. The akashic records will rarely tell you what to do. I commend rozàlia, and each of the individuals that played a part in this process. Akashic records are a wonderful gift and the more love you put into the process the more you will receive from it. You reconnect to the core essence of who you really are.

I found this forum which is now closed to new posts, very interesting. You are being called to step up. Esoteric buddhism (1883), wrote of a buddhist belief in "a permanency of records in the akasa" and "the potential capacity of man to read the same. D  author –  the secrets of health and healing. Available in person or distance via telephone or skype.   it provides a foundation for a rigorous mathematical science of our holistic context, that encompasses both the physical and mystic aspects of reality, as well as the everyday experience of. "the first thought, the first word, was the creator's. Feeling frustrated about being unable to find fulfillment in your life. She was also trained specifically in the akashic record reading. The essential point of reading your akashic record is to get you to understand who you are at soul level.

… attracting and maintaining a healthy, loving relationship. In today’s world, as consciousness is shifting, and many on earth are striving to align our human existence more fully with our spiritual essence, we all have the potential to access this powerful, healing, spiritual resource. – is read akashic records does work or is it fraud. The akashic records or the heavenly library also binds us to the entire human race – e.   these records connect each one of us to one another. As you sit with the emotions and feel through them, you’ll feel better, and start integrating the lessons and guidance you received. I was always so intrigued, what is the book of life.   she is not the one who decides. Once you pay for the reading, i start working on your energy.

The evolving segment includes a catalogue of lifetimes you’ve experienced on earth, through which you become aware of and live out your potential. It happens within you as a personality, and within your essence, entity, cadre, and so forth. After the session with you i noticed such a spectacular improvement.   in order to clear negativity that is present in your akashic record we must consciously know what we are clearing in order for it to be released. The proper formatting for your questions should begin with one of the following words: why, how, what, where, who, or which. The benefits of faith are:. As i move along this path of light i gradually become conscious of various levels upon which there is movement. These records contain information on past life experiences, present-day experiences and future possibilities.

How To Read The Akashic Records

Akashic records readings are psychic-medium readings done by tapping into a client’s aura to connect with their soul essence to then retrieve their akashic records. When you begin to incarnate and embody your soul, your heaven on earth, the layers that conceal your purpose and true self will be burnt away in the transformation. The underlying fundamental in language (and in all science and philosophy) is the notion of intention. I would recommend reading this book with a highlighter because there are wonderful statements, as well as entire passages, that are worth noting. The direction of the beam of light.

By tana hoy - november 9th, 2016. They mold and shape levels of human consciousness. The record of the collective consciousness, or collective unconscious of humanity, is contained within the akasha and can be accessed through the akashic records, but the akasha itself is the record of all that exists, has ever existed and will ever exist. The author outlines what the akashic records are all about and how they can be used for oneself as well for others. How to put your psychic powers, the akashic records, and all the answers you seek right in the palm of your hand. Records are interactive in that they have a. In these pages, you will explore your beliefs about five essential concepts supporting your earthly experience - incarnation, authority, discipline, responsibility and commitment and learn how to effectively release old ideas about them, so as to realign with new values and beliefs. Your reading begins as the akashic record prayer is read and your records are open. Or called akashic records (that is, of a mental or soul.

We are, or can be, literally 'in touch' with almost any part of the world, whether here on earth or beyond in the cosmos. Some clients have had relatively little to clear, while others had quite a lot. During our reading a few months ago, you read my akashic records, and you told me about this man i was going to meet. In short, an akashic reading is an energetic reading of the soul’s journey throughout many lifetimes. You’re serious about exploring your records, already have a strong metaphysical background, and you are looking for a high quality akashic program that really works. What will happen after my reading. As this self destruction causes a severe damage in the process of you becoming one with the whole, you needed to assume again and again various bodies in which the healing, the self healing can happen, which is a antidote for the self destruction which you did. Learn how to maintain a state of grace, truth, wisdom & oneness. It is a universal filing system that records all thoughts, words and actions.

(you don’t need to be physically in front of me. Contact me for a reading. The word akasha comes from sanskrit and means primary substance from which. This mysterious one transmits messages from our ancient ancestors to those that are ready to research them. I'm new here but atleast it's relaxing to see that i'm not the only one waiting for the recent volumes to be out. Generates the holographic field that is the memory of the universe". Shortly after she mentioned the akashic records, i began having dreams of my mother (who had crossed into the spirit world in february 2007) traveling with me through tunnels, down long corridors, through watery channels and long stretches of open highway. Akashic records: case studies and.

Learning and experiencing the akashic records for myself was mind-blowing. -- who uses the akashic records, and why. The lodestar akashic records class for those who wish to work in their own record and help others to find their path to a joyful life is available on the classes page of this website. All that the records bring forth is for healing and your own personal illumination. Reading the akashic records is a spiritual process similar to meditation, and prayer. You can receive information about what is needed to help you move forward to your ultimate desires. Typically clients will have their session and follow up, and then i won’t hear from them for a month or so. Through soul-level understanding we are able to accept our divine gifts and grasp what truly drives us. If you have a question, are ready to look at it directly and be guided to a place of clarity, the answers are in your record.

Learn To Read Akashic Records Free

After the second level, he sees. Her ability to connect with and read my records, as well as connect with my guides has been invaluable. An additional stream of income would be fabulous. Balasants are students of enlightened master paramahamsa nithyananda who have had special initiations to open their third eye so that they can read out the information recorded at the quantum level. Only changed in its vibration to produce that element, or. It is a delightful book with a wonderful, gentle, loving energy. 1ssentially, the most efficient and effective means to spiritual consciousness is through spiritual action. With the akashic record consultations you receive information in word form as well as frequencies that work on you while your records are open. And if you plan to read the records for others, it is important that you work closely with the record keepers and ask if this is the path for you, for.

The reading is guided not only by the current situations but also, very powerfully, by what you intend to create instead. I learned about my past lives and how they are impacting me in my present life. Also imagine an energy or consciousness which enables us to recognize people we have met before, and work on mutual life lessons in this life. Such is not easily understood by our third dimensional mind. Learn and practice reading the akashic records of others. Little did i know that 23 years later, i would continue to mine the riches of the akashic records, now recognizing that i’ve only just begun grasping the implications and meanings of  “infinite”. Yourself moving toward the imagined destination and feel it moving. And, of course, i argued there could not possibly be any such thing. When reading the akashic records, you become a medium of cosmic knowledge. Any other ways to access the akashic records not meditation or anything hard something simple to do and doesn't take long maybe a few days.

In quantum physics the issues revolve around the phenomena of non-locality; superpositions of states; the collapse of the superposition where “. It has the ability to provide you with a huge amount of information that no other modality i have come across to date does. When you feel like you literally can’t go any higher, look up and visualize yourself opening a door. Each soul is believed to have its own akashic record, which contains information about that soul's journey from the moment it was created. Clear blocks, restrictions, energetic misalignments and karma patterns that are affecting you now. If relevant, past lives may be. You will go through a healing meditation to prepare you for your first trip to the library of records, where you will find information about two past lives and how they affect this lifetime. The akashic records is one of the oldest  ancient wisdom sources available to us. Those who are accredited researchers, are allowed to access the soul.

Maunesh, los angeles, california (2nd reading). The reading includes an overall soul profile and the blocks and restrictions you have. With so many metaphysical options available to us it can be enlightening and sometimes overwhelming. This is a learning experience for. She claimed that after death spirits could visit a spiritual hall of records to consult their life charts and learn from the events that occurred when they lived on earth. With how to read the akashic records, linda. If interested in exploring your records, your next step is to set up an akashic discovery call at the end of this page. And native american cookbook writer with a psychic bent.

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