Easy Viral PDF Brander

What it is like to sit there in silence and listen to him talk about. About html to pdf conversion, then please read on. You can choose to create versions of the ebooks that contain your personalized affiliate links for select products that are matched to the ebooks. Software is an absolute bargain. I used it to launch this contest in conjunction with my product launch. Easybrander review statements are very positive. Full range of pdf effects. One thing that you need to learn is how to use and leverage affiliates effectively.

Easy Viral PDF Brander
Easy Viral PDF Brander

Viral campaigns, the press, & twitter. Until recently there hasn’t been a good way to create rebrandable ebooks that were easy for the end user to rebrand. The way around this is to include the rebrand pef software on your own site and let them download an ‘on-the-fly’ rebrand pdf file from you after filling in a simple form. The rebranding software allows your affiliates to insert their own affiliate id into the report. Branding your ebook with their affiliate links. We use this strategy since 2009 and till now, this simple strategy is still bringing us traffic.   now how can they do that. Even sites that make six figures a year. Easy opportunity to earn money. The art of money getting is a timeless classic written by the world's greatest showman, p.

Easy Viral PDF Brander
Easy Viral PDF Brander

You don't have the situation where old versions are available at. Work the hell out of it. Via the pdf approach as a module to market your business brand, your selling proportions are vast and stand out uniquely. By providing you tools that will help you grow your business. You will also get one video file that.

Easy Viral PDF Brander
Easy Viral PDF Brander

But if you're unsure on how to create pdf reports in the first place, do not worry as we'll reveal to you some free software you can use to convert word documents to pdf format. Affiliate does not need to create his own. Let's face it… regardless of how many years you've spent in. The chiefs were boosting with confidence picking up their 1st try in the first minute. Vom universum zu den elementarteilchen pdf hosted on uploading.

Easy Viral PDF Brander
Easy Viral PDF Brander

  increase the retention rate of your opt-in subscribers. Me and also our schoolmate found out that product like 1 days ago, in truth this was certainly the greatest choice. Is he loud or does he act like he is on stage when engaging in. You not only get the state-of the art software that makes rebranding as easy as going to a website, entering an affiliate id, and hitting submit (no pesky. Because they know that you can provide what they need. Great tip for making your web pages load faster for all.

Since 2009, our members have been able to rebrand the ebook, one signup a day, and distribute it free. Marketing because it's free and it has the potential to spread. You see, if you can’t get people to download the ebook in the first place, they don’t even have a chance to read it, no matter how good the content is. Are you going to make money from advertising or you are selling a product. Wondering how much will cost you to own this cool piece of. Hopefully you like you like your easy viral pdf brander website after accessing safely below. The xbrander pdf rebrander is a perfect solution for affiliate marketing. Start getting traffic and affiliate commissions. For the rest of us, there will be guidance but if they aren’t convenient to stick to and sound right after that product is not going to be valued at anything to an individual.

There are some that require a. Here's a screenshot of the test results from my clicksure account:. All software that you can find here is freely downloadable and legal. All this means you can take a. Integrating pdf brander into your affiliate page is very simple.

Of his way to impress people. What we need is to have the same situation as when an affiliate. You see, i have been well-known for. Increase their sales, and how you can use these tactics. And it didn’t take me any more effort or any time to do it. You can start your pdf business right now. Software at such a low price, i still want you to be 100%. Because all other rebranders have lost the plot.

They won't have to pay any royalties or. The program guarantees to improve your online presence in that your brand will stand out equally as the others. Many of my businesses are created to solve my problem, and i make the system available to other people and make money out of it. Own traffic ebook and does the same thing. This in the beginning of the relationship with a narcissistic man. Promotions may take the form of video clips, interactive flash. How to create and distribute viral pdfs.

Cool piece of software and whether i am going to ask for charge. What kind of free viral product attracts your prospects. 'are you making use of. Although brandable ebooks using the old ". • this money-making platform has a new approach to business that sells your products fast and indulges you less in the process.

Generally, this is affiliate links, but you are not limited to that. Com (1 mb), stumbling on happiness hosted on uploading. Stumbling on happiness audiobook full and free download hosted on depositfiles. All the profits that can be derived will belong to them. Unlike other sql database reviews that promise you a huge online business premise, with easy viral pdf brander you don’t have to worry about unforeseen complications. Competitors fighting to get people to give away their.

So if you are ready to take the plunge and start driving swarms of cash-in-hand visitors to your website and help your business grow virally, take action at this very moment. I once advised an advertiser to change his free ebook title from something like ‘how to make money from the internet’ to ‘how i made $1500 from the internet in 1 week’ and that change significantly increased the opt-in rate. Upon the release of the. Find viral pdfs and use them as free bonuses to create more incentive for people to purchase the product you are promoting. You rebrand pdf files with their details. Strategy is to create a "brandable" ebook,. Why you went from his 'partner' to his. Half time the referee’s changed and so did the attitude of the sharks, picking up an early try in the 2nd half, but ball handling became a problem for them and the cheetahs smiled with every penalty and cliched a victory.

 make slideshares that advertise your niche. Won't find it convenient to brand the products with what they have in. Very charming is that the creator and developer of easybrander viral pdf rebrander , damir horvat, is constantly updating his software in a very active way. Want to share my knowledge with you, so that you may be spared the heartache. Want to brand your digital works. If you are not 100% satisfied within 60 days with easy viral pdf brander, i will personally issue you a timely refund of the full purchase price. If you answered 'no', you're simply leaving cold hard cash on the table. Full 30 days to check out all this great software.   your ebooks and your personalized links will be protected.

If you aren't 100% satisfied (for any reason) just let me. Whether you're a veteran who has been converting pdf files for years,. Did you know that there is a simple, well-proven formula for promoting almost . Recommendation of a product (yours) which best fits the need of the. Customize the file through a url)";. So if you want to get your things done in sublime fashion, visit the website today and you will see an exponentially positive rise in the results of your next venture. Breeze and i'm glad you software will. This review is designed to help you by showing you real customer reviews of the easy viral pdf brander which will give you the peace of mind that you are making the right choice, or possibly persuade you to go with another product. In either case, the links will be branded with your affiliate id.

I am not including the other 100 he kills with guns. Sanity he has left you with. Otherwise, they won’t have any idea of how to promote the product that you are offering. Being able to create sales copy that persuades people to do what you want them to do is the key to making money on the internet and offline. Pricing is not always a good barometer.

Easy Viral Pdf Brander

Regarded as "the" classic text on advertising and marketing, it is one of the most recommended books by marketing experts. The whole setup just calls for you to summon your perspective and skill to make it work, highly efficient don’t you think. Needless to say, the content of the ebook is important. Easy viral pdf brander review. Easy viral pdf brander promo codes website view. $locale["insert the code or use the html editor to.

Once you’ve got a viral report out there, it will work 24/7, bringing you piping hot traffic, sales, and leads, so it is worth the trouble. These days, you can find hundreds of even thousands of money making platforms online that can be your greatest resource of reaching financial breakthrough. The one place you should utilize to launch your products and stupid mistakes you shouldn't make while using it. That is the worst thing you can do. The package includes strategy on how to recruit affiliates and promote your business products or services online. Then load your pdf file via our brander. You can also give the look of your site to all of the. Private label rights can be a pain if you don't know how to alter the.

Be the first to review “easy viral pdf brander review”. Easily build a huge list of happy subscribers. The secret of the ages by robert collier gives you the tools and knowledge to have a happier and more successful life. A pdf creation service to your customers: they can pay. That’s time away from your own marketing efforts. The best converting affiliate promotional tools you can provide to. Easy viral pdf brander is an all-way life-time opportunity to make for you a good living online. And to him they didn't. 2) the pdf rebrander - include this together with your rebrandable pdf ebooks, so that the recipient can rebrand links/text that you've designated as being rebrandable. The tips and tricks that can help you make your pdf accessible to a lot more people can completely transform your lives and you will really love how things get put into place for you.

Unusual places viral traffic will come from and why your focus should be on entertainment first. I'm always looking for freebies to give out to my list and freebies to help me build more lists. Your selections are great, really. This week a friend of mine named jay hines released a new ebook called “viral reports revealed”. This business proposition is the most simple, easy and straightforward approach.

Viral pdf pro brander - use this to designate which links/text. In case you're wondering if the software actually converts word. First up, understand that there are only a couple of other similar tools out on the market today… and one of them sells for $97. Easily apply to your own sites to great benefit. Have their links cloaked in both the pdf and the download page. Again, this video and ebook course could be sold on it's own but we're going to provide you with this material absolutely free with your instant pdf profits software. Exe branding tools in sight), but you also get the tools you need to make your very first viral report. Games, ebooks, rebrandable software, images etc - with the easiest. The more usp you can include into your product, the stronger your product will be.

In this letter, i’ll show you a never-before-revealed pdf rebranding system with a jealously guarded secret that will generate sales faster than a speeding bullet. Very "techie" and often difficult for affiliates to use. Unfortunately, these third-party sites offer plenty of distractions to your affiliate (such as reports offered by other marketers), as well as inviting the affiliate to sign up with the third-party site. To recognize which type of the nine types of toxic narcissists your man is. Affiliates with stats on their advertising campaigns. If you want to try this software, you may visit their official website and download the plugins. Thank you for a great product and for your help,. Disorder is so totally and completely self-centered to the point of being. Good viral pdfs can reach thousands of people and prove very lucrative to both the creator and the affiliates who help to spread it. You ought to read more if you want to consider buying this product.

In this video i'll reveal a. When someone download the file, it will generate the rebranded pdf file on the fly. If you are driving traffic from keywords related to sciatica exercises (e. To get started, type your name and email address. Description of easy viral pdf brander. What if the tips, tools, tricks, and more on the program are so good you’ll smile and laugh all the way to the bank. By the script and earn commissions every time one orders.

So why believe a service that makes similar claims. Also, this product allows you to have absolute control over your product. All you have to do is set up an affiliate system and commit. Quick and easy, foolproof solution for branding your pdf files. Huge added incentive to distribute your pdf reports and give. The key to this highly successful strategy is to create a “brandable” ebook, which affiliates can easily brand with their own affiliate ids or links. It's called easy viral pdf brander, and the name is about as accurate as it gets. I use to spend so much time creating reports and building loads of mini-websites to bring attention to my main website but i now see that i don't have to do this anymore.

Also on the last page can be found the opportunity to advertise on related topic products with rebrandable personalized affiliate or website links. The master mind by theron q. Be prepared for the battle of your life. By offering these ebooks in a sequence (like one per week) delivered automatically via your autoresponder. I really like the flexibility of being able to create different ebook versions with varying numbers of affiliate links. Marketing is meant to be. You can also find forums related to your niche and create engagement.

The easy viral pdf rebrander is about producing it as easy as pie for you to start a product so precious that folks are preventing use fist to inscribe about your marketing concept with everybody a lot of know. But if you thought just by creating an ebook. Application and load your rebrandable pdf. Mini ebooks and articles) - also recruit sub-affiliates.   fully automated back end affiliate commissions. Reports in the first place, do not worry as we'll reveal to you some. The bulls cruised to victory scoring 5 tries and gaining the bonus point for two consecutive weeks in a row.

You are thinking… “this software sounds too good to be true, and there’s no way on god’s green earth i’ll ever figure it out. It is called easy viral pdf brander. Business for you 24 hours a day and let your rebrandable. You’re at liberty to reach out to financial freedom, tether from adverse poverty all thanks to the internet. To you, it is still a very painful realization when you come to discover. Be budget savvy and enjoy amazing deals, free shipping offers, incredible gifts and more while shopping with viral style best coupon. Then enter your user ids (username/affiliate id/ same thing) in the. Easy viral pdf brander review. 'the counterfeit heart: stepping back into the real world.

Do you have to be careful how you word things or voice grievances. And the best part is it works with any codes or values in your original files. Upload the script to your server, upload the pdf you want your affiliates to rebrand, fill out a short form, and you're ready to go. Link inside the software to order the fully working. "and the really cool part about it was that my website went viral. Turbopdf on the fly solution will make your.   create your pdf file and upload it to your site and then run easy viral pdf brander. Be frank, i am not interested in making an insane amount of money.

We work hard to protect our clients from making emotional decisions that can negatively impact their long-term success. I’ve installed quite a few php scripts over the years, some were a nightmare, some a bit complicated. The viral style best coupon we present here can be applied to both online and in-store shopping. Hopkins is truly a timeless classic on the art of copywriting. Easy viral pdf brander review | easyviralpdfbrander. This means that to achieve maximum distribution of your ebook, you need to create a brandable pdf file. These ebooks so i'm giving you my personal guarantee. Ernst amp peter nuefert architect 39 s data 3rd edition pdf hosted on 4shared. How to make an ebook rebrandable. These fifteen videos come to a total playing time of.

And if you have your own affiliate program (which you should aim to have), then this software is a. Of exactly what you get:. Wattles is a practical guide for those who want to live a healthy, happier life. It’s called easy viral pdf brander, and the name is about as accurate as it gets. To rebrand your copy of viral reports revealed… click here. You will get paid a commission on all of those sales. Just follow the easy screen prompts and watch for the big bucks to start rolling in. If somebody buys one of your offers through one of your cashblurb ads,. If somebody buys the product from the rebrand pdf they’ve passed on, they get the commission. Give your subscribers a huge added incentive to distribute your pdf reports and give others an easy opportunity to earn money (you'll be sure to make many people happy.

It could be a mention of their name and website on the cover or inside page, but better would be a more monetary incentive in the form of a personalised affiliate link. However, the result will differ depending on someone’s skills, knowledge and perspectives.

Easy Viral Pdf Brander Free Download

Just feed the site into the turbopdf html to pdf on the fly brander. This one was simple and painless to install, and the installation instructions were clear, so i could install it within about 10 minutes. It's an undeniable fact that the most successful email opt-in forms are ones that offer something valuable to entice you to enter your name and email address and subscribe. This is a passive money-making machine that gives you an online platform to make money. Pdf product as fast as you can read it. With your hosting service before ordering turbopdf. They are what most of us will use as.

That you can get the best advice available to help you recover from your. Part of that advice became this report that was named intensive advertising because you can achieve better and more "intensive" advertising results by using the principles that are revealed in this report. Net does support free software, however we do not support warez or illegal downloads. Rebrandable reports are one of the best converting affiliate promotional tools you can provide to your affiliates and it acts as a perfect pre-selling tool for your products. Based upon the principle of using thought as the manifestation of creative energy, the master key system teaches you how to use the power of these thoughts to realize your dreams. When looking at the record between the reds and crusaders where the crusaders won the last 11 games, i was very surprised by the performance from the reds.

Second, the php script itself is dead easy to install and use. – how to destroy your competition by having your own army of ebooks working as your personal salesmen. It stands out from its rivals but surely ousts them because of the whole re-branding thing it does to your business. Most beautifully designed free book. You receive (however you wish to define it), even if. Caused by his antisocial behavior disorder or by his narcissism.

Three ways we looked at using a pdf included:. They hide their assets long before the. This way, the readers of your ebooks will be more focused on your "brought to you by. Your breakup with a narcissist see an explosive end to your. Read growth hack books that offer actionable guides, consisting of practical steps that anyone can implement. Give ebooks away for free and make money effortlessly. Getting noticed by press and media might not be easy but it is totally worth it. I sell these rights like hotcakes for $67 elsewhere. Easy viral pdf brander mentions a handful of features which are advertised to to make sure it is easy to use as well as hassle-free. On the fly brander, all of the above are definitely possible.

More than 1,100 pages), which is provided as. Easy viral pdf brander price. An insane price for it. We provide 40 coupon codes, 30 promotion sales and also numerous in-store deals and shopping tips for viral style best coupon. It works by scanning all the links and then prompting you to decide what you want to do for each one. As soon as they have entered all the necessary details, the branding package generates and saves a complete, ready to use, branded pdf file onto their pc. The site offers commercial plus pricing on services like flat rate and regional rates. Below, and then choosing an order option (free or unlimited membership). Take advantage of viral style best coupon for great savings on your purchase.

But these are not the key. Are you going to use. Many companies offer a free trial - use it. All you do is plug in your name, picture, and autoresponder code and you are ready to start building your list. One good strategy is to have different pricing packages. Also, as you do not supply that script to people who are going to market your ebook, they need to have an account and log onto the website to make changes. Any time during the next 30 days, you. And you may safely download your without risk copy of easy viral pdf brander from the special discount link below.

There is no crack, serial number, hack or activation key for easy brander present here. How one silly web design mistake lost me a number of. "information" niche because they are cheap and easy to create. 2) viral pdf pro rebrander - this comes with your rebrandable. In this book he teaches you how to use the power of thought to attract wealth, health, happiness and success.

Have you heard of the online market stock exchange. The affiliate opens the program, drags and drops the pdf document into the program, and it is then rebranded. All of them are very promising and are likely to be very. Do take a peak, and prepare to be amazed. Don't forget to use your codes for viral style best coupon at checkout to get exclusive offers. With just $49 as your investment, you can now build the reputation of your product and earn cold cash. With both teams receiving a yellow card it’s was quite a battle, but the blues managed to clinch the victory.

  free one way backlinks to boost your website rankings in the search engines. Why he has distorted views of you. I have started several online businesses since 2006. You no longer have to use complicated programs like sql database. No one will distribute your ebook and all your efforts are wasted. Do you have any viral traffic ideas. We bring objectivity in our evaluations through testing inside reviewscbscam. I understand that i'll be provided with the pdf branding software that signs my product and the branding tool to give my affiliates as well as a step-by-step tutorial on how to use it.

What you are going to use your book for. There are so many people who offer giveaway. Garner a substantial number of subscribers for our ever so important. It's awesome viral benefits for you:. Just let the ebook do the selling. So how exactly can you benefit. The software will then produce a brander file, which you distribute along with your pdf. I give them a percentage of the sale and they go out and promote my product for me. Com product and also jay hines credibility to help visitors for choosing a right decision…. My subscriber optin rate has increased by more than 300% and the additional affiliate commissions from the brandable ebook sales are a very nice side effect.

Make it simple for my subscribers to. If you’re not completely satisfied with the results. People who are in this field will promote your product in exchange for a commission. The more traffic could be expected. Your affiliates simply download your branding package, double-click on it and then fill in their details, one item at a time, following clear and simple instructions. But we know for a fact that by charging such a steep price, it might effectively shut out many marketers who should be taking full advantage of such a fantastic tool but simply can't afford it at this point of time.

Online)"] = "(if unchecked this file will not be.   simply create your ebook the way you normally would using word or open office. Ebook from your site with the. All these money making platforms are plausibly effective. Make sure they meet the requirements of the viral style best coupon prior to application. I would have kept coming back and buying it over and over again for every site i use it on. The software has the ability to let you save a lot of time by creating several personalized ebooks together. It costs a little more than the other solutions, but it has many advantages over the others. The turbopdf on the fly brander is truly. I bought this and it all looks very rewarding.

Does easy viral pdf brander really work. For example, if you have written a report that you offer away for free as a means to construct an opt-in list, you will frequently put links within the report to products that you own and are trying to sell. Scripting is a way to. If you want your affiliate to rebrand your ebook he needs to. Your customer always collects the most. The best thing about viral reports revealed is that for a small fee jay is offering the rebrand rights to his book.

Amazing viral rebrandable ebooks in no time. Ever be acknowledged or put. What you see is what you get, and what you see is also. The one that is 'acting out' or 'out-of-control'. Easy viral pdf brander is one simple magic approach that can produce passive money-making machine through online. The first thing we want to make sure that easy viral pdf brander official website is functioning properly. 6) join forums and form online communities. "we weren’t expecting anything like this to happen. Success through a positive mental attitude by napoleon hill and w.

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With the turbopdf on the fly brander, you can get your name and your business out there for all the world to see as. Did you like our easy viral pdf brander review. In this book wallace d. There are so many people who offer giveaway rights to their products, which means you'll face a swamp of competitors fighting to get people to give away their products. Registered users can also use our file leecher to download files directly from all file hosts where aes02 pdf was found on. C) "highest quality pdf effects". Always has some sort of trade off. Easybrander new web-based viral pdf rebranding software.

Starting right now, you can have your own personalized ebook versions of. Around for branding pdf files, but they are generally. The quick and easy solution…. Viral 'carriers' and why they could mean the difference between an explosive viral campaign and a one that crashes and burns. Along the way, i built a nice little list of over 1,000 people, which was truly amazing. Com (201 mb), revelri high on happiness pdf hosted on mediafire. And mid priced compilers offer the same, if not more, features than their.

Striking features are the “viral button function”  and “ressource advertisement” inside every ebook created with easybrander software. I also know we could charge five times the price and have it be worth every penny. Decide that this software does not meet your. Write posts in forms of lists (“10 awesome ways”), infographics, informative guides(“how to…”), etc. With easy viral pdf brander my customers can now rebrand reports quickly and easily and start sharing them without all the headaches.

Enter in your details and simply click the rebrand button. Now i'm all for producing a professional looking document. Based on the infamous ‘viral marketing’ concept – the easy viral pdf rebrander is all about making it as easy as pie for you to create a product so valuable that people are fighting hand over fist to share your maketing message with everyone they know. This is the real deal and you’ll be totally blown away. Just to accommodate a change in your business' details. You want to allow your end users (affiliates, etc.

This is the most simple and easy to use set up i have ever seen. Masters of advertising copy (edited by justus george frederick) is a course on the principles and practice of copywriting with parts of the course written by one of the greatest copywriters of all time, claude c. This makes itso easy for you and your affiliates to rebrand the reports, they are sure to be passed along far more often. Its underlying premise is that whether or not we are conscious of it, our underlying beliefs shape our character, our circumstances, our health, and our destinies. Subscriber lists, and affiliate commissions.

An exchangeable link to a website or affiliate offer. If it’s on the 29th day of the guarantee, all. So as well as giving your affiliates rebrandable ebooks ultimate. It's "a must have book" for anyone wanting to improve their lives and their way of thinking, and achieve financial success. Viral pdf software that we’re letting you give it a. The only person in his life - ever.

We've made it ultra simple for you and all you need to do is to follow some. Easy viral pdf brander is a software program shaped by internet marketer and creator. So we have decided to make this technology easily accessible for just about any struggling marketer and set the price at just a low one time fee of. That's why the software comes with my. If you are technically savvy, it will be easy. Will allow you to devote a greater amount of your time to other more.

Time-consuming it can be to change the links as well as other. Com (892 kb), or any other file, post it in comments below and our support team or a community member will help you. Brandable pdfs can bring tons of extra traffic to your. And really learn all about everything you have been through,. They spent their hard earned money on. Plus, your branded ebooks will be in pdf "portable document format". Depending on your intended usage, scripting.

You're reading these words because of html. With the bonuses delivered alongside the software, you are going to discover how to get pen your own viral report without actually writing a word. Build a huge list of subscribers at the same time. To make it rebrandable, you need a software or php script to modify the pdf file so that your affiliates can insert their affiliate id into the pdf source file and turn the ebook into a customized one. Readers can directly share a link to the report to facebook, twitter and google plus on the last page of the report. Options trading education about using the greeks that simply cannot be found. Click the link below to join now. Go ahead—take these words as a challenge and prove to me, and to yourself, that the easy viral pdf brander is a magical tool that will effortlessly skyrocket your profits and help persuade the masses to promote your products for you –even while you sleep. 2) viral pdf rebrander - include this together with your.

To get them to work for you. Most require a browser, usually a microsoft internet. Your affiliates will fail to take advantage of the viral marketing. Very easy to apply tactic that can get a lot more of. The secrets about him i am about to. Easy brander is an application that allows you to rebrand any.

Dead easy for your affiliates – type in affiliate id… hit the submit button… download rebranded report. By offering the option to brand your files. You can then promote the ebook and if anybody orders from clicking. Over the last few years i have been creating viral reports that i use to promote my internet business.  simply enter your primary email, choose a password,. Mind power is written by william walker atkinson, who is one of the first authors to write about the law of attraction. How people who know him really feel. Easy viral pdf brander – rebrand pdfs on the fly. That is because the scripts that are used to replace conent in your pdf’s are located on the . What is now th…ets with gold.

We only help you find the best bargains by applying viral style best coupon. Most resale rights come with private label rights. "here's how you can promote all your products and services on autopilot using the power of viral pdf reports". Distributed and will only work on the pc that they were. Have you noticed your confidence.

Get Easy Viral Pdf Brander
Many people are looking for ways to earn money. This makes itso easy for you and...

Get Easy Viral Pdf Brander
Because all other rebranders have lost the plot. Want to share my knowledge with you, so that you...

Get Easy Viral Pdf Brander
And when you purchase easy viral pdf brander, you’ll also receive full rebrand rights to the report. So use...

Easy Viral PDF Brander
The 20% off is good today. Places to research and find out. Software as this is the one you need....

Easy Viral Pdf Brander Free Download
A pdf creation service to your customers: they can pay. Thought vibration is an ideal...

Easy Viral Pdf Brander Free Download
If you are not 100% satisfied within 60 days with easy viral pdf brander, i will personally issue...